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The Nasotrak System

Novel ultrasound nasogastric tube and detection system


Nasotrak's Technology

The Nasotrak system makes use of ultrasound technology to locate the distal end of the nasogastric tube in the stomach.

As the user scans the abdominal region after insertion and before every feed, the system uses a series of light and sound indicators to inform the user if the tube has been correctly placed in the stomach. 

Nasotrak's proprietary NG tube is inserted into the patient following current routine procedures.
The device is connected to the NG tube and the caregiver begins the scan according to the Nasotrak planned path.
A green light indicator lights up indicating that when the NG tube is in the stomach.
A red light indicator lights up indicating when the NG tube is not in the stomach.

Nasotrak's Device & Nasogastric Tube

Handheld Device (HHD)
Nasogastric Tube (NGT)
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